PM Modi Shocking Comments On BK Hariprasad..!!

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a statement in the House after the election of Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker. Out of this, the piece of his comment has been withdrawn.A part of the comment made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on congratulating both the candidates on Thursday after the election of Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker, has been removed from the proceedings of the House. Opposition MPs objected to PM’s remarks.PM Modi was present in the Rajya Sabha during the Vice-Presidential election on Thursday and he also gave a brief statement. Rashtriya Janata Dal MP Manoj Jha had objected to the PM’s remark and demanded to remove it from the proceeding with the Speaker. He also raced the point of order against the PM’s remarks.the secretariat of the Rajya Sabha informed that the part of PM’s comment has been removed. Manoj Jha had said that this comment was made from offensive and wrong intentions. On behalf of the Chairman, he got the assurance to consider this. Later this part of PM’s statement was removed as directed by the Chairman.He claimed that this was the first time in the history of independent India that any PM’s comment had to be removed from the proceedings. He expressed happiness on this decision of this President.Let me tell you that PM said in his comment, mentioning ‘Hari’ in his name after NDA candidate Harivansh’s victory, ‘Now everything is’ Hari’ trust. It is expected that Hari grace is maintained at all. ‘Hari’ is connected in the names of candidates of both parties. This was the election where there were Hari on both sides but BK was on one side, BK was ahead of them, BK Hari … None sold. There is no ‘sold’ in front of the Harivansh.Harivansh Narayan Singh was elected vice-president of the Rajya Sabha. 125 members had voted in the Rajya Sabha in the Rajya Sabha for NDA candidate Harivansh, and BK Hariprasad got 101 votes. PM Modi said that the life of Harivans coming from the village of SeiTaab Diya from Ballia, joining August Revolution on August 9 That Ballia’s name in the fight for freedom has been in the front row. Harjivans have joined this line after Mangal Pandey, Chittu Pandey, Chandrasekhar.

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