Sofia Hayat Revealed Relationship With Rohith Sharma

Indian Hitman Rohit Sharma, the vice-captain of Indian One day International team’s vice-captain and his wife Ritika Sajdeh were recently blessed with a baby girl and now in such happy times, his old photo with the hot model Sofia Hayat has become viral and is trending in social media. Sofia Hayat put up a video explaining her relationship with Rohit Sharma.

She said that when she was in a pub celebrating her movie release, she was introduced by a friend to Rohit Sharma who took her separately and kissed her and danced but she ended her relationship with him as he said she was only a fan of him. Miscreants of Twitter are now trending her old tweets with one tweet on Sofia ending her relationship and another screenshot of blocking him and few more vulgar ones, and Sofia has told people not to believe these tweets and said they are photo shopped.

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