Titli Cyclone Updates Exclusive Video

Director of IMD BBSR, HR Biswas assured that situations in cyclone hit Odisha will return to normal by Saturday. Briefing on cyclone Titli’s landfall, Biswas said, “The landfall of Titli was between 4:30 am to 5:30 am. It has been clocked between 140-150 km/hr.” He stressed that the state will receive heavy rainfall in the coming two days. “Coastal areas will receive maximum rainfall. system currently in use is for identification of tropical cyclones in such a form that is easily understood and recognized by the public. The credit for the first usage of personal names for weather systems is given to the Queensland government meteorologist Clement Wragge, who named tropical cyclones and anticyclones between 1887 and 1907. Experience shows that the use of short, distinctive names makes communications quicker and less subject to error than the older more cumbersome latitude-longitude identification methods. meteorologists later identified storms using names from a list arranged alphabetically. Thus, a storm with a name which begins with A, like Alexa, would be the first storm to occur in the year.

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