Vijay Mallya Shocking Tweets On Indian Media

Vijay Mallya unarguably is one of the most talked about person in Indian media circles for his shameful act of running away from India after defaulting Rs.9000 crore bank loans. Mallya asks ‘Where’s the Justice?’ through a series of tweets. According to him, his default to banks amount to Rs. 9000 crore including all interests. And he claims that his group assets valued Rs.13,000 crore are attached by the Debt Tribunal on behalf of banks that have given him the loans, but still everyone says he ran away from the country causing loss to the banks.

So, he questions where’s the Justice or fair play in his case. he wake up to news of yet another attachment by the Debt tribunal. He went on to say that despite all the attachments, the bank lawyers in England have objected to pay his legitimate tax due in England which he calls disgraceful .  Mallya was declared as a fugitive economic offender by the special court, a few weeks back. A Fugitive Economic Offender is a person who commits offense and absconds from India or refuse to come back to India.

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