Vinta Nanda Questions Pre-Arrest Bail Granted To Rape Accused Alok Nath

Questioning Mumbai session’s court at Dindoshi, Vinta Nanda, who had accused Alok Nath of raping her, is evidently disturbed by the pre-arrest bail granted to him. Stating the possibility that he has falsely been enrobed in the crime, the court took the decision to grant him bail.
Speaking on the matter in an interview with a leading news organisation, a day after the court’s decision, Vinta said that though she respects the decision of the Court granting Alok Nath anticipatory bail and believes in the law of the land, she added that like all other culprits Nath also denied the allegations against him
Her strength lied in the thought that everyone who personally knew them, also knew the truth especially CINTAA, her family and that the facts won’t change even though she is fighting alone in the court. Pointing out that CINTAA also expelled Alok not just because of her verdict but due to collective reports of similar incidents, Vinta questioned if Sandhya Mridul, Navneet Nishan, Himani Shivpuriji, Deepika Amin and others are lying too and it is only Alok Nath who is telling the truth. She said that many other women have still not gathered the courage to speak about their story openly because of him.
Alok had earlier maintained his silence and refused to answer any of the questions that were put before him. Now after surfacing again “The honourable court and my lawyers have advised me to keep completely silent for now. In fact I’ve been quiet throughout. Maybe, some words escaped my mouth in my state of angst. But otherwise I’ve been lying absolutely low for the last three months,” IANS quoted Alok as saying.

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