What Will Be The Impeachment Motion In SC, Who Will Hear The Hearing?

With the Congress and seven political parties including the Congress, the Chief Justice of India Justice Justice Deepak Mishra was brought against the cancellation of the notice of impeachment. Now the real question is, when and where will the challenge of the challenge, and how it will move forward? Will the Supreme Court hear it? If the privilege of Parliament does not come in it?Since such an opportunity has never come in the history of independent India, and the constitution makers have not even imagined such a wretched state, what steps should be taken in the case of becoming such a situation, and in what way? The first screw is stuck in that it implies impeachment The constitution is silent where the process is administrative or legislative, as far as its administration is concerned. If this matter is legislative then in such a case, there is no chance of its use till now, that is, if there is no cave, then how to remove this stranded fracture? Since the matter is legislative, the judiciary will not interfere, and if it is administrative, then who will review the judicial review? If the judicial review is there then the big issue is that what bench will hear the hearing in the Supreme Court? Ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and Vice-President of the country M Venkaiah Naidu has canceled the impeachment notice against Chief Justice of India Justice Deepak Mishra. Now the opposition is challenging Naidu’s move in the Supreme Court.If the case went to the Supreme Court, who will decide who will listen to the petition of the Opposition in which the decision of the Rajya Sabha chairman’s step has been challenged. The master of the roster, that is, the chief justice, can not hear it himself, but the big question is, who will listen to this petition? In the center of this whole case, Chief Justice Justice Deepak Mishra himself is in charge of the charges, so he would listen to it. The number.


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