Do You Know How Much Budget Is Ready For Post-Poll Purchases


With indications emerging that no party will be getting the required majority on their own in the Telangana Assembly polls to form the government, the focus has now shifted to ‘post- poll management’ to grab power by purchasing MLAs.The Congress-led Mahakutami which gave tough fight to TRS in ‘pre poll management’ by splurging huge money on public meetings, campaigning, media management, media advertisements etc is now gearing up for a ‘master post- poll management strategy ‘ to give TRS a run for its money. Both the governments of AP and Karnataka are pumping in huge money into Telangana to defeat TRS at any cost.Their money power is already being witnessed by one and all with Mahakutami keeping TRS on its toes with extensive campaigning and publicity. Two Days left for elections and the subsequent results on December 11, the Mahakutami has reportedly kept ready, a Rs 1,000- crore package to lure MLAs from other parties and independent candidates, in case it falls short of the required majority to form the government. the BJP was prevented from forming the government in Karnataka in May this year despite emerging as the single largest Party, the Mahakutami is hopeful of a similar repeat in Telangana.

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