These Are The Three Reasons Why Jr.NTR Didn’t Campaign For His Sister In Kukatpally

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Nandamuri fans had waited with bated breath to catch the glimpse of Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram campaigning for their loving sister Nandamuri Suhasini. However, NTR and Kalyan Ram chose to stay away from poll campaign. Except a press release wishing their sister all the best, Tarak and Kalyan hardly came out to support their sister in her first-ever election battle. One of the reasons is that NTR is busy with the shoot of RRR being directed by Rajamouli and his look from the film should be guarded. However, Tarak’s bulky look from RRR has already come out and there’s no surprise. Then the moot question is why NTR hasn’t campaigned for his sister.

Reason 1
Apparently, neither Chandrababu Naidu nor Balakrishna have asked NTR to campaign in Kukatpally. Although his sister Suhasini has sought Tarak and Kalyan Ram, none of the party’s top leaders from TDP have approached NTR to campaign in Kukatpally. When media asked Balayya about NTR’s campaign, he responded saying that it depends on his film schedule and commitments. But Balayya or Naidu haven’t openly invited NTR to campaign in Kukatpally.

Reason 2

Also, TDP is very confident of bagging Kukatpally seat particularly after the campaign of Chandrababu, Paritala Sunita, Ram Mohan Naidu, Balakrishna and Nandamuri Deepika (wife of late Nandamuri Janaki Ram), and Taraka Ratna. So, the party doesn’t want NTR to take away the credit of winning Kukatpally. TDP is of the opinion that if NTR wants to campaign they don’t have any objection, but they were keen that they don’t want to seek NTR to campaign.


Reason 3

And the third and important reason is that NTR doesn’t want to spoil his relationship with KCR and KTR family. As there are doubts that KCR could return to power, NTR doesn’t want to mess with KCR as it could even effect his films that release in Telangana given that Nizam is the biggest market for NTR. Although the surveys of Lagadapati are in favour of Praja Kutami, one is not sure what happens on 11th Dec. And it also depends on the voting percentage as well. If the voter turnout is high, Praja Kutami is predicted to have higher chances whereas if the voter turnout is less, TRS is expected to have chances to comeback to power.



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